Join us at Cella Gallery in the heart of the NoHo Arts District for a solo exhibition of new work by acclaimed artist Edward Walton Wilcox hosted by celebrated actress Natalie Zea (Dirty Sexy Money) and actor Travis Schuldt (Scrubs).

Believing that the strongest of emotions are often the catalyst for drawing one’s spirit to the fore, Wilcox seeks to reveal a landscape of both beauty and terror. The intention of the work is to have a preternatural effect on the viewer; evoking at times a sense of awe, insignificance, romantic sensuality; allusions to our self-destructive nature, the temporal nature of beauty and life, and the decay of the material world as a constant. Some of the works are overt in their reference to Gothic convention in not only pictorial content but physical facture as well. These physical structures include devices as finials, pinnacles, canopies, crockets and tracery, assembled in the forms of altarpieces and folding triptych panels.  As for process, there is the primary element of “Italian pitch” in Wilcox’s work. Warm umbers accentuated with subtle flesh tones are achieved through a series of burnishing and glazing techniques, giving the work a shadowy depth seldom seen since the Illuminists of the 1800’s. The erosion visible on the surface of most of these works is a subtractive process that metaphorically parallels the notion of social decay. As for content, this is a world of dreams and visions that conjure a return to the roots of Northern European art, caricaturing a deliberately primitive world, which in all ways, is allegory.  What appears at first glance to be a stylized portrait or landscape is actually the divine world of dreams, a proverb or parable regarding the shortcomings of mankind in a fallen world and the aspiration to escape it. Wilcox creates a sublime reflection of a psychological world that is now so often neglected as we ever accelerate our modern evolution. The paintings are simultaneously a social indictment and a romantic approval:  “a dark romance troubled by nightmares.”

Edward Walton Wilcox studied painting and sculpture at the University of Florida graduating with High Honors. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including: The Brooklyn Museum of Art (1999), The Four Arts Museum, Palm Beach, Deutsch Foundation, Lousanne, Switzerland (1993), LRC GALLERY Nicolet College (1999), Richard Koshalek, Christopher Brown and Hugh Davies and most recently at the Grand Central Art Gallery at Cal State University, Fullerton.  His work can be found in private and public collections across the United States including those of Rock-Royalty Rod Stewart, Avril Lavigne and guitarist Evan Taubenfeld; Actor/Producer Damon Wayans and of course Actress Natalie Zea and Actor Travis Schuldt. This is his first solo exhibition with Cella Gallery.

To life, liberty

And that melancholy door

to the realm that

awaits us all

In the great beyond.      - Edward Walton Wilcox

What: Solo Art Exhibition – Crimes of Romance

Who:  Edward Walton Wilcox

Hosted by: Natalie Zea (Dirty Sexy Money) & Travis Schuldt (Scrubs)

When:  Thursday October 16th, 7 – 11 pm

Where:  Cella Gallery, 5229 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601

Cost:  Free, open to the public, please RSVP: or 213-291-7908

“Crimes of Romance”
A solo exhibition of new work by
Edward Walton Wilcox
Opening reception hosted by
Natalie Zea (Dirty Sexy Money) and Travis Schuldt (Scrubs)