Exhibition on View:  April 25th - May 23rd Extended to JUNE 4th

Cella Gallery presents two solo shows:

Jude Griebel and Rimi Yang

Jude Griebel

Rimi Yang



Griebel’s artistic practice focuses on the negotiation of identity through narrative imagery, drawn from both fictional and biographical sources. In his most recent body of work, everyday objects and settings are imbued with otherworldly significance.  The trope of superstition--envisioned as beliefs unfounded on knowledge or reason--is developed by projecting metaphysical implication onto familiar elements of everyday life. A fleeting glance catches a housecat raised on its hind legs; a black crow flies overhead grasping a single child's mitten. These paintings have developed out of symbols gathered from daily experience and then recombined to suggest imagined possibilities.  Like the signs and omens from traditional folklore, they stand as mysterious and open-ended narratives to be contemplated and deciphered by the viewer. The stark interiors function as both memory spaces and stages on which scenes are played out.  The golden quality of the lighting refers to the transitional and uninhabited daytime hours when houses are vacant of their occupants, bereft of noise and activity. 

Jude Griebel is a Montreal-based artist, who obtained a BFA from the Emily Carr University. Griebel's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally, most recently in Toronto and Tokyo.  Griebel is the recipient of many awards and has worked as an artist in residence in Canada, Japan, Belgium and the US. 




Yang’s paintings are intensely emotional, vibrant and often whimsical.  Her work shows a technical mastery that can only be achieved through an ardent dedication to the act of painting. For Yang, this act is highly intuitive. Her compositions are borne from a method of automatic painting in which she allows her feelings to take hold of her in the course of execution. In avoiding conscious renderings of a preconceived idea, Yang responds to the emotions of the given moment, reading within her soul for guided inspiration as she gives form to her thoughts with the use of tangible materials.

Rimi studied Sumi-ink painting in Kyoto, Japan and attended Ohio's Bowling Green State University, the California State University in Los Angeles, the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. She is the recipient of the Marietta Kirschner Wigg Award and a contributor to the Asian alternative publication Kyoto Journal.  She has shown in solo and group exhibits around the globe.


What:  Opening Reception for two solo shows

Who:  Jude Griebel Brand New Superstition and Rimi Yang Hidden Message

When:  Saturday, April 25th, 7 – 11 pm

Where:  Cella Gallery, 5229 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA. 91601

Cost: Free, open to the public, please RSVP: info@cellagallery.com or 213-291-7908

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